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DEE COMPOSE Silly Clever Halloween Tombstone Yard Prop

DEE COMPOSE Silly Clever Halloween Tombstone Yard Prop

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*PLEASE ALLOW 2-3 WEEKS FOR SHIPPING DUE TO VERY HIGH DEMAND FOR MY WORK* Any item that has a video included, please note that the video gives a blue hue to the stones due to it being cloudy day during filming. Your stone is true to color as shown in the photo. "DEE COMPOSE" Funny Halloween Tombstone 28" Tall x 24" Wide x 8" Deep Ha, get it "DEE COMPOSE" like "Decompose"! These silly saying tombstones are a smash hit for any Halloween haunted yard! Customers rave over how many people stop to read the stones and get a laugh out of them! Each tombstone is hand made by the artist and nothing is mass produced or factory made. Extreme attention to detail and the finest quality paints and materials used so no 2 are identical. Included in the photos is an example of the solid extruded foam. These aren't your standard RIP Skull tombstones! Are you tired of Halloween tombstones not looking like tombstones?! We are, and that's why we started building realistic tombstones to make your yard haunt stand out from the rest! Most tombstone styles shown were taken directly from local cemeteries to ensure you are receiving the most life like stone for your occasion. We have been told time and time again by customers and by Halloween patrons that we have the most realistic tombstone around! We have received many repeat customers, loyal customers who we strictly build for and many eBay buyers who rave about our quality. So if your serious about Halloween and are ready to take your yard to the next level of authentic, then you have come to the right place! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook @CemeteryHaunts These are the classic style tombstones that you would normally see in the 1800's. This is what makes up a great yard haunt! These are made with 2" thick Extruded Polystyrene Insulated Sheathing, aka Insulation Foam Board. These tombstones ARE NOT THE WHITE STYROFOAM that you see packed with electronics. These are solid pieces that are used for soundproofing and regular house insulation. All the tombstones shown are made from that material. These come to you fully painted and ready to display. Two piece assembly required. The stone and base are separate for shipping. Please use Liquid Nails, Silicone or any other STRONG adhesive to adhere. There are 2 PVC inserts on the bottom left and right sides so you may use re-bar to slide the tombstone over. This will keep the wind from knocking it over also keeping the tombstone safe. Please note that all items are NOT FACTORY PRODUCED so there will be slight variations from the picture shown. We don't strictly create for Halloween; we do custom work for Plays, Events, or anything else you would like. Have a certain name or style in mind We can do it, from big to tiny! If you prefer a wider than 2" stone, we can arrange for that as well. Please feel free to email with any questions


Care Instructions

All large tombstones are rated for outdoor use and are weather resistant. Miniature ornaments are not rated for outdoor use.

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